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New Change in Department of Labor Laws for Minors Working in Entertainment in Georgia

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

With a booming entertainment industry in Georgia, more and more local actors are searching for the opportunity to be cast as the lead in the next hit movie or television show. While adults can walk on set and fill out the paperwork handed to them, when it comes to minors, an additional step must be taken.

If your child is seeking to take advantage of the growing need for child actors in Georgia or just wants the experience to be a background actor and learn what a film set is all about, make sure you follow the necessary steps outlined by the Georgia Department of Labor.

The representative of a minor must now complete the Georgia Department of Labor's application, and each minor represented by the same representative must be registered separately, i.e. if you have two kids who want to work in the entertainment industry in Georgia, they each must be registered on their own application. Once the application is completed correctly, you will see a confirmation page. Note, the application can take two days to process. Once your application has been approved make sure you print out the minor's certification certificate as you will have to present it to the employer when your minor works in the entertainment industry.

Good luck to all the child actor’s working in Georgia!

Disclaimer: This website and blog in no way creates an attorney-client relationship, nor do they provide legal advice. They are intended for informational purposes only.

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